For Individuals

Bernardi manages over $1.1B in separate account portfolios. Portfolios are fully customized to each investor’s risk and return goals.

Portfolios are composed of individual bonds and traditionally structured as a laddered portfolio.  The ownership of individual bonds enables control and customization, both vital components of any individual’s asset allocation. The ladder structure enables constant and consistent cash flows and reduces the need to speculate on rate timing.

We also offer traditional and opportunistic strategies for investors who are targeting a particular area of the yield curve or duration goal.  Please find our strategies listed below:

Traditional Strategies

Short Strategy

The Short Strategy is managed to outperform the Barclays 3-Year Municipal Index.

Intermediate Strategy

The Intermediate Strategy is managed to outperform the Barclays 7-Year Municipal Index.

Opportunistic Strategies

Tactical Ladder

The Tactical Ladder targets a portfolio duration based on Bernardi’s current view of the yield curve and valuations within the tax-exempt municipal market. Duration will fluctuate between the Short and Intermediate benchmark duration ranges.

Ultra Short

The Ultra Short strategy is managed to outperform the Barclays 1-Year Municipal Index.

Minimum Yield

The Minimum Yield strategy is appropriate for investors with yield targets.

Taxable Strategies

Short Taxable

The Short Taxable Strategy is benchmarked to the Barclays 1-5 Year Government/Credit Index.

Intermediate Taxable

The Intermediate Taxable Strategy is benchmarked to the Barclays Intermediate Year Government/Credit Index.