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Current Taxable Offerings

We offer the following bonds subject to availability, prior sale or change in price.
Taxable Offerings

Qty. Issue Cpn. Maturity Date Price YTM YTC Call Date Moody Rating S&P Rating Settle   Date
10mm FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 2.540 3/23/2020 100.000 2.540 Non-Call 23-May
7mm FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 2.680 11/2/2020 100.000 2.680 2.680 8/2/2018 anytime* 23-May
15mm FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 2.740 2/1/2021 100.000 2.740 2.740 8/1/2018 anytime* 23-May
2mm+ FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK 2.680 4/26/2021 99.800 2.751 2.899 4/26/2019 anytime* 23-May
5mm+ FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 2.870 11/15/2021 100.000 2.870 2.870 8/15/2018 anytime* 23-May
5mm+ FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 2.750 4/25/2022 99.814 2.800 Non-Call 23-May
6mm FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 2.960 5/2/2022 99.900 2.987 3.067 5/2/2019 anytime* 23-May
10mm FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK 3.000 5/3/2022 100.000 3.000 3.000 5/3/2019 anytime* 23-May
6mm+ FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 3.040 5/16/2022 100.000 3.040 3.040 8/16/2018 anytime* 23-May
25mm FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK 3.150 5/2/2023 100.000 3.150 3.150 11/2/2018 anytime* 23-May
6mm FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK 2.850 5/8/2023 99.769 2.900 Non-Call 23-May
5mm+ FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 3.230 5/24/2023 100.000 3.230 3.230 5/24/2019 anytime* 24-May
5mm+ FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 3.470 5/7/2024 100.000 3.470 3.470 5/7/2019 anytime* 23-May
9mm FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 3.700 5/29/2025 100.000 3.700 3.700 5/29/2019 anytime* 29-May
12mm FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK 3.650 5/29/2025 100.000 3.650 3.650 5/29/2020 anytime* 29-May
5mm+ FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 3.780 5/7/2026 99.900 3.794 4.264 8/7/2018 anytime* 23-May
5mm+ FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK 3.875 5/21/2027 100.000 3.875 3.875 8/21/2018 anytime* 23-May
2mm+ FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK 3.890 5/22/2028 100.000 3.890 3.890 5/22/2019 anytime* 23-May
5mm+ FEDERAL FARM CREDIT BANK 4.250 5/17/2038 99.850 4.261 4.407 5/17/2019 anytime* 23-May

May lose principal • Not FDIC insured • Not appropriate for all investors
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